I am Suhaan. I want to tell you a story…

 Good stories  have superpowers.

A good story can mend broken hearts, cheer and can even turn a bad day upside down on its head.

Little children live in a world full of stories. If you know how to get into a child’s world with your story, then you can make miracles happen there.

I made a miracle happen recently. I transformed a sad memory into a happy reality.

Without further ado, let’s meet the hero of this story.

Here is my son. His name is Suhaan and he is three years old.

Suhaan Cover Picture

Hi, I am Suhaan. I smile a lot.

Suhaan hates birthday parties. He prefers not to attend them. It is because in one of the parties, a big kid pushed him and he fell down on the ground.

The big kid also snatched the toy he was playing with. Suhaan came home with scratches on his hands, because for the longest time he had refused to let go of the toy.

Suhaan, therefore, hates birthday parties.

If you say “birthday”, Suhaan would make a face like this one below.

Suhaan birthday party

This is my reaction if you ask me to go to a birthday party. They push me and snatch my toy. I don’t like going to birthday parties. That’s when I don’t smile.

But all that was about to change.

Here is that story…

Suhaan is extremely close to his mommy and till now, they have not spent a single day apart.

Here is Suhaan with his mommy.

Suhaan with Mommy

This is my mommy. She loves me a lot. I love her too.

Reality was about to change for Suhaan.

One day, Suhaan’s mommy got a call which didn’t make her happy. Suhaan’s mommy later broke the news to Suhaan and Papa. Mommy said that she will be away for three days in Delhi and she will have to leave little Suhaan with Papa.

Not only that, there was worse news, Suhaan will have to spend the entire Sunday without mommy.

On Friday, mommy had an afternoon flight and she quietly slipped away with a heavy heart while Suhaan was at school.

Suhaan was delighted to see Papa come and pick him up from school. Suhaan was more happy because Papa took Suhaan out for a ride in the car and they had a wonderful time.

On Saturday, papa bought Suhaan a packet of play dough and he played with it the whole day while papa gave him a bath, fed him and even put him to sleep.

Here is Suhaan watching cartoons on the TV intently on Saturday. Yeah, Suhaan had had a haircut. However, we thought that he looked better with longer hair.

Suhaan first picture

Missing Mommy

He was with papa the whole of Saturday and the outside world didn’t matter.

But then Sunday was not as good. Suhaan asked Papa about his mummy.

“Where is the Mummy?” Suhaan demanded, twisting both his palms and looking straight into his father’s eyes.

Papa was expecting this question and had the answer ready because he had rehearsed this answer over and over again.

“Mama will come tomorrow. Mama has gone to Delhi to buy Suhaan a new toy,” Papa said.

“Mommy come back,” Suhaan looked at papa, his eyes welling up.

After two hours, Suhaan stopped playing. He sat on the sofa, looking all dejected.

He was depressed. He refused to eat, refused to watch cartoons or even stand by the window to count pigeons.

Papa was alarmed. There was a new toy in front of him and Suhaan was not playing with it.

Suhaan was very sad.

“Let’s go and find mommy,” Papa said.

“It’s rain, the rain,” Suhaan pointed out towards the window but he rushed towards the door.

Suhaan and Papa, then started looking for “the mummy” around their apartment building.

Here is Suhaan with mommy’s umbrella looking for mommy.

Suhaan puddles Picture

Look! I spotted a frog!

They went to the adjoining road, they spotted puddles. There were big puddles and small puddles.

Suhaan Puddle

Can fish live there?

They played with the umbrella. They spotted a baby pigeon under a tree. They spotted the mummy pigeon guarding the baby pigeon.

But they couldn’t find mummy.

So, papa said, “let’s look around some more.”

Papa took Suhaan inside the car and they drove off.

But Suhaan was really, really depressed. Here’s a video of how depressed Suhaan was.

By this time Suhaan realised that papa hasn’t been able to find “the mummy”.

Mummy was missing and this made Suhaan even more sad.

Suhaan was not crying but he was not interested in anything.

Here is how sad Suhaan was…

The sad Suhaan

It’s not helping papa. Bring back Mommy.

Papa had to do something really fast because Suhaan needed a miracle.

Then papa came up with an idea.

“Why don’t we have a birthday party Suhaan? Mummy loves birthday parties. If we have a birthday party, mummy will come back tomorrow.”

“A birthday party?” asked Suhaan.

So, papa and Suhaan went to the local cafe and ordered pastries.

Suhaan’s friends were not there but all the people present there clapped for Suhaan. They got pastries too.

Suhaan had some imaginary friends attending the party also. If you look closely, you will see some colourful chess pawns. Yes, they are his imaginary friends!


Look! I am blowing very hard

Now, Suhaan was really getting into the groove. First, it was a birthday party and second, mamma comes back the next day if the party is a success.

So, they lit the candles and Suhaan blew them.

Suhaan was so excited that he couldn’t blow the candles off in one go. Here is the video of Suhaan trying to blow the candles.

But finally the candles were blown and the pastries were served. Everybody around Suhaan clapped and whistled.

Papa then fed Suhaan the “birthday cake”.


The cake tastes nice…

Suhaan had a huge smile on his face.

As the party drew to a close, Suhaan just couldn’t stop smiling.

Suhaan smiling

It was a great party, papa!

A happy Suhaan went back home and as Papa promised, his mummy was back the next day.

Something changed after that day.

These days, Suhaan loves birthday parties because he believes that mummy and papa always come back when there’s a birthday party.

Suhaan dances and plays at every birthday now. But he has made it a rule that both mummy and papa should attend all the birthday parties along with him.

But now…. papa and mummy both keep an eye out for bigger kids so that they don’t push Suhaan, scratch him or snatch his toy away.


Suhaan loves birthday parties!


All the good pictures of Suhaan are clicked by Harjeet Singh Jabbal.
The bad ones are clicked by Papa on an old phone that Suhaan hates.