Facebook takes down Arjun Bhardwaj’s profile after it was vandalised

I had told you before how a group of students were constantly and incessantly vandalising the Facebook profile of Arjun Bhardwaj.

They were posting memes, jokes and abusive messages in the comments section that were directed towards him and his family.

His teachers, family and friends were watching in horror as it was happening because nobody could do anything about it but constantly report the comments to Facebook.


Arjun Bhardwaj who hailed from Bangalore and was studying in a college in Mumbai

More so, even before the investigations were over by the Mumbai Police, Facebook was, in a veiled manner, suggesting that Arjun had committed suicide which obviously was not helping the poor boy or his family.

It must be remembered here that once your FB account is turned into a legacy account (when Facebook is aware that you are dead), they take over the reigns of your account. There is an option of transferring the rights of your ‘dead’ account to your friends or family but only a minute fraction of the users have done that so far.

The reason is simple: You don’t know when you will die and you don’t want anybody to have a look into your profile page. Even you appoint somebody to look after your page when you are dead, the control remains with Facebook and they decide if they want to take the profile page down. 

It seems Facebook has realised what was happening on the boy’s profile. This is the same page where he last posted a video message before killing himself.

Here is a screenshot of the profile page.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.05.30 PM

A screenshot of the profile page that has since been removed

To add insult to injury, Facebook was even advertising on top of the page on how to manage a dead person’s account.

However it now appears that after the outrage, Facebook has pulled the profile page down.

While Facebook has its own policies regarding a dead person’s profile, right now there is no system of filtering abusive messages for a person who is no more there to defend himself. For this function, Facebook relies on the person handling your profile page. However, if you haven’t transferred the rights to anybody while you were alive, then Facebook has no system of preventing abuse.

Abuse on Facebook depends on a system of human reporting.

It is not clear whether the action of taking the page down has been triggered by protests and “reports” or it was a request put forward by his family or the Mumbai Police.

Whoever has done this, my heartfelt wishes to the person.

He has done a great service to the poor kid. It’s good that somebody finally realised that the dead need to be honoured and , ‘No ill can be spoken about the dead’.

He is now safe from the attacks of moronic human beings who have infested the social media platform.


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