Who is Soumyadipta?

I am an educator who loves writing.

I teach journalism to post-graduate students.

In my journalism career, I have worked with leading media houses such as The Times of IndiaWeb18 (CNN-IBN group)DNAand The Telegraph for the past 18 years.

Some of the topics I like writing on includes the politics of terrorism, the Pakistani Deep State and the political upheavals in Bengal. You will find some of my popular articles on India Today Group’s DailyO.

Here is the repository of my blogs on DailyO.

I was the official film critic when I was working with DNA and later at Web18 (Network 18CNN-IBN group).

I am also an expert in launching media start-ups. I played a pivotal role in launching the regional newspaper for The Times Of India called Ei Samay, a part of the Samay series of newspapers. Previously at Web18 (CNN-IBN group), I played a prominent role in re-designing and re-launching the portal in.com.

Over the years, I have launched several successful media ventures for my employers.

I started my journalism career with The Telegraph, as a crime reporter.

My journey as a blogger:

I started a blog on Bollywood during May, 2013.

My blogs were based on my professional experiences as a journalist while at DNA.

I often shared investigative insights about the Indian Film Industry in Mumbai. Some of the most recognised names in Indian cinema blogged with me.

Subsequently, I was recognised as one of the most popular bloggers in India in 2015.

In 2015, the blog made way for the popular website bollywoodjournalist.com.

During the same time, I started teaching journalism to students which I continue to this day. In fact, teaching has become my day job now.

Want to get in touch with me?

Write to soumyadipta@soumyadipta.com


Please note: This is my personal website where I sometimes write what occupies my mind. Scroll below to read them.


4 thoughts on “Who is Soumyadipta?

  1. Kinjal Dave says:

    Hi Sir,

    As I write this long email, I am fully aware that you may never ever even look at this. However, a sense of deep anguish has been surrounding a lot of NRIs at the moment. As an ardent admirer of Sushant Singh Rajput I had a monumental urge to get in touch with you.

    I am a millennial who migrated over to England in 2004 (along with my parents) so most of my teens and formative years have been spent away from India, hence unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the Indian judicial system.

    Everything was fine in the lockdown, until we heard about Sushant Singh Rajput’s unfortunate demise on the 14th June 2020. There were speculations form day 1 about it being a suicide and no FIR was registered for a long time. It was due to the public movement and social media movement that the case got transferred to the CBI.

    Since I can not go on any social media platform I was feeling a little bit frustrated so thought of following SSR and writing my heart out! It is funny how I was discussing this with my father and he said – one of the reason to move away from India was that he saw how nothing ever happens to the mighty and powerful, whilst a normal man is destined to be maimed by the system. I replied to my dad – “this is new India, people are more vigilant, empathetic and aware more than ever and the central leadership is people centric”

    His fans started this movement and it will be successful as he was truly a pure soul and a true Mahadev Bhakt. He however, laughed and said this will be brushed under the carpet like all the previous cases. I wasn’t convinced – I hope that the CBI realises that the entire world is looking at India now and if this is not lead to logical conclusion then India as a country will become a laughing stock around the world.

    I want to thank you for standing along with us, in this very long fight!

    Kinjal Dave


    • Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, ma’am.
      Sushant’s death has impacted a lot of people, millions in fact. I am one of them.
      Like Sushant, I am also an ordinary upper middle-class migrant Indian man trying to eke out a life in another city.
      Suhant’s death seems like a loss of a part of my own self. Many are in the same boat as me.
      I am optimistic that he will receive justice.
      Time heals.
      But time does deliver justice too.
      Take care.


  2. Ays says:

    Hi please let me follow you on Instagram, thanks @asiyaeed I am not much into technology, struggling to manage social media account. I have made this account to mourn and celebrate Sushant, not much into Indian cinema, didn’t know about Sushant until after 2 days of his passing… bohat peyaraa bacha tha, kisee ne samjha nahee… pls let me follow you, I heard you do some very rational analysis of how Sushant was taken away from us…thanks


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